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We’re passionate about helping you discover how different filtered water is – and the difference it makes to everyone else. Here’s the lowdown on all the jargon and more.

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Just by drinking water that tastes great, we can all help reduce plastic usage and make the world a better place! How good is that? Very good indeed…find out the full facts here.

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Our most recent thoughts on the topics of which water’s best, avoiding plastic bottles, the state of our oceans and much more.

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Under Sink Filter Systems – Explained!

Under sink water filter systems have fast become the most popular means of everyday water filtration in many households. These…

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Benefits of a Whole House Filter System

If you are thinking about installing a water filter in your home, then you have a decision to make between using one or more Point of…

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How Reverse Osmosis Works

Osmosis is a process that begins with two bodies of water that each have a different concentration of solute, low…

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The Best HMA Filter Systems To Remove Chlorine & Heavy Metals

What is a HMA System? A heavy metal axe (or HMA for short) filter system removes dirt, sediment, chlorine, and…

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