Finerfilters FC02 Replacement Filter for Deluxe Undersink Water Filter Kit

Product ID: FF-Undersink-filter


Finerfilters Deluxe Undersink Water Filter Kit – FC02 Replacement Filter
Technical Specifications:

Finerfilters FC02 Water Filter

1µm (micron) Carbon Block – Reduces Sediment, Chlorine, Bad Taste & Odour.
Bacterial Growth Inhibitor Incorporated
Built-In Technology Inhibits Growth of LimeScale.

Capacity / Usage Life
880 Gallons / 4,000 Litres or 6 Months. Whichever comes first.
It is recommended to change the filter every 6 months or earlier for optimal performance and to avoid bacterial growth.

Flow Rate
1.9 Litres Per Minute / 0.5 Gallons Per Minute.

Operating Pressure
Minimum: 25 psi / 1.7 bar
Maximum: 120 psi / 8.2 bar

Operating Temperature
Minimum: 4.4°C / 40°F
Maximum: 37.7°C / 100°F

Finerfilters Deluxe Undersink Water Filter Kit – Replacement Filter (includes Scale Inhibitor)

This is the replacement filter for the Finerfilters Deluxe Undersink Drinking Water Kit
High quality carbon block filter with scale inhibitor
Simple twist fit change. No need to switch off the water as it’s a dry change over.
Enjoy great tasting water
Fits 3m AP2 Head

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Contaminent Removed

Chlorine, Limescale, Odour and Taste, THMs / VOCs

Filter or Media Type

Carbon Filters


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