Under Sink Filter Systems – Explained!

Under sink water filter systems have fast become the most popular means of everyday water filtration in many households. These low-cost and low-footprint systems are easy to maintain and sit quietly away under your kitchen sink, providing you with clean and healthy water with minimal fuss. For those who don’t want or need a whole house water filter system, an under sink solution is a perfect middle ground that can offer clean water where you need it most.

What They Do and How They Work

Under sink water filter systems can remove unwanted contaminants from water such as sediment, chlorine taste and odour, hardness and bacteria to result in better quality water. What makes under sink systems unique is that they are a point-of-use solution, offering filtration from a specific tap, in a specific room. This makes them a prime candidate for use in a kitchen, for example, where you might want filtered water on demand for drinking, cooking, coffee brewing, and more.

Under sink filter systems can offer solutions to a variety of water problems thanks to the wide range of processes that each system can employ; Reverse osmosis, activated carbon, water ionization, UV filtration, and more all provide different solutions for different problems, each being more, or less effective at filtering out certain contaminants in certain conditions. As with any filter purchase, the key is to understand your water needs – where is your water coming from? How hard or soft is your water? What contaminants do you have present that you need to get rid of?

Benefits of Under Sink Filter Systems

  • Easy installation: Many under sink water systems can be installed with a simple bit of DIY, compared to a more complex whole-house system that almost certainly requires professional installation expertise.
  • Budget-friendly: Installing a single under sink system at the point where you need it most, such as the kitchen, is a more cost-effective way to get filtration only where you need it. Whilst the initial cost will be larger than say a filter jug, the long lifespan and ease of maintenance of an under sink system is a long-term, money saving investment.
  • Simple maintenance: Maintaining your under sink system is as simple as regularly replacing the filter cartridge. All things considered, an under sink system is considerably less hassle than a filter jug – there’s no need to worry about constantly topping up the jug, and the under sink cartridges last 6x longer than a filter jug cartridge.
  • Compact size: Under sink filters are a great space-saving solution that can be tucked away at the back of the cupboard under the sink, meaning you don’t have to accommodate a big, unsightly system somewhere in your house, or have to take up valuable fridge space with a filter jug.
  • Targeted filtration: While whole-house systems can offer a cover-all solution in every room, an under sink system offers a point-of-use solution only where you need it. This allows you to keep costs down whilst still solving the water problems that are at the forefront of your mind. Ask yourself, do I need filtered water for showering, or do I only really care about having nice, clean drinking water?

How to Shop for an Under Sink Filter System

When shopping for an under sink water filter system, there are a couple of factors you need to consider before you make any decisions. Understanding your water situation and your water needs is the key to finding the filter that will solve all of your problems.

  • Filtration efficiency: What makes a filter efficient is the capacity it has to remove the desired contaminants and how much filtered water it can output. Once you understand the contaminants present in your tap water, you can choose a filter that targets them specifically without having to compromise the flow rate of your taps.
  • Maintenance and installation: If you are going to install your own filter system, make sure the filter you choose has been designed with a DIY installation in mind. Also consider the maintenance requirements – a more elaborate system might require maintenance or repairs that fall outside your comfort zone, so you may have to be prepared to fork out for a plumber in the event something does go wrong.
  • Long term costs: When shopping for a filter system, considering the long-term costs is as important as the initial purchase price. To minimise these long-term outlays, choose high-quality, durable cartridges – even a slightly larger initial purchase often means less filter replacements down the line.
  • Compatibility: Consider how does an under sink system fit with your needs and your current household set up. Is there space to adapt your current kitchen sink to accommodate the new filter tap? Different system’s kits come with different fittings that may or may not be compatible with your current sink setup, so be sure to understand what you currently have in relation to the system you’re purchasing.

Under Sink vs Whole House Systems

Under sink systems offer a great solution that is affordable, easy-to-maintain, and gives you great results where you need it. However, the only offer a solution in a very specific manner, just one tap at a time.

Some households, particularly larger households, could benefit greatly from having clean and healthy water in more than just one room, and this is where the under sink systems give way to a whole-house water filter system. These larger systems offer the same level of effective filtration, but at every tap in every room. If this sort of coverage is more in line with the water solution you think you might need, see our blog post on whole-house systems, where we cover some pros, cons, and things to think about when purchasing.

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