How does it work?

Most under sink kits use a carbon-based filter, primarily to remove chlorine and sediment from the water. Chlorine is the most commonly-targeted contaminant as water companies add it to the water to disinfect it as it gets cleaned. Chlorine alters the taste and odour of water, giving it a distinctive chemical taste.

Carbon uses adsorption to remove chlorine from the water, and all our drinking water filters use coconut carbon to leave fresh tasting water. Other contaminants such as bacteria, lead, mercury, limescale, chloramine and THMs can also be removed by an under sink filter – not only do they affect the taste of your water, they can also be a potential health risk in the case of old lead piping, for example. We have specific filters to deal with all these contaminants and more.

Tap Styles

Our kits allow our customers to choose a style of tap which suits their style best, at no extra expense! We offer a base price for our systems with the taps being a variable option that you can choose when you add the product to the basket, allowing you to customise the kit at no extra cost.

Why choose an under sink kit?

Most customers will be transferring over to an under sink kit from a jug filter. The reason most people will decide to switch is that an under sink kit is much quicker and more convenient than a jug filter, as water pressure pushes water through the filtration media rather than gravity pulling it through the jug cartridge. This means filtered water can be accessed in much higher amounts whenever you may need it. An under sink kit is also able to remove contaminants jug filters can’t handle, such as heavy metals and bacteria.

Our Under-sink Systems

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