Doulton Duo Fluoride Reduction Replacement Water Filter Pack 1 x Ultracarb and 2 x Fluoride (6 Months Supply)




Doulton Fluoride & Ultracarb ceramic replacement filter pack for the Doulton Duo system

Stage 1 – Fluoride

This filter cartridge reduces the fluoride in drinking water and is usually placed as the first of the two cartridges in the Doulton Duo system. This filter can also be used in gravity filter systems or hip housings.

The filter elements are designed to reduce fluorides in drinking water to below 0.5 ppm

Stage 2 – Ultracarb
Multistage filtration in one filter cartridge:
Stage I – Outer Shell-Micro Filtration
Stage II – Anti-Bacterial formula within the ceramic matrix inhibits microbial growth
Stage III – Activated carbon in the Ultracarb candle takes out chlorine and organics improving taste and odour
Stage IV – Ultracarb also contains heavy metal removal media, which takes out toxic lead Ultracarb filter candle life – 6 months* before replacement of the ceramic filter required. *Cartridge and filter candle life may vary depending upon your local water conditions.

Testing & Certification:

NSF and WRAS testing and certification – to standard NSF/ANSI 42 Drinking Water Treatment Units – Aesthetic Effects and NSF/ANSI 53 Drinking Water Treatment Units – Health Effects. Full testing and certification information is available via the following link: Click here Manufacturer is audited by the British Standards Institute (BSI) and achieved BS EN ISO 9001 quality standards


PLEASE NOTE: This is the replacement filter packs only. The undersink DUO system is NOT included in this listing.

The Doulton DUO Drinking Water Filter from Doulton brings you bottled quality water on tap in your own home.

DUO fits neatly under the sink in your kitchen, supplying filtered water either through your 3 way (hot/cold/filtered) kitchen tap or separate drinking water tap.

Doulton water filters have been manufactured in the UK for more than 185 years. It is a well tested and trusted brand.

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Contaminent Removed

Chlorine, Fluoride, Heavy Metals, Odour and Taste, THMs / VOCs

Filter or Media Type

Ceramic Filters


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