Salt Free Water Softener Alternative – Limescale Prevention – 20″ Jumbo Replacement Cartridge



Finerfilters Salt Free Water Softener Alternative – Limescale Prevention
20″ x 4.5″ Jumbo Replacement Cartridge

Hard water is naturally occurring, but the scale it leaves behind can have a very detrimental impact on the efficiency and life of your plumbing and appliances, such as heaters and boilers, as well as inhibiting the formation of soap suds, meaning you use more detergents and soap when washing clothes or bathing.

Although traditional salt-based water softener systems do remove the minerals which are attributed to limescale build-up, they also remove the minerals that are essential and healthy for us such as calcium & magnesium and leave behind large amounts of sodium which means your incoming water supply is now undrinkable.

This is usually remedied by creating two water feed lines, one salt softener treated line and one untreated line. This means more work for your plumber, increasing the cost of installing the system which you likely paid a lot of money for already.
Not only are they expensive to install they also require constant rejuvenation of salts and chemical cleaning in order to maintain their performance, which also comes at a cost both financially and environmentally.

Finerfilters’ Limescale Prevention Water Filter system uses an advanced filtration process known as Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) which prevents the formation of limescale by converting those pesky scale causing hardness minerals into inert microscopic crystals via a catalytic reaction in the water being treated.

These crystals once created travel through the plumbing system and appliances in colloidal suspension – they do not stick to surfaces, which prevents the formation of limescale deposits so they’re no longer able to bond and stick to your pipes or appliances.

The Science Behind Template Assisted Crystallization

This system requires no electricity, doesn’t waste water by back-washing or regeneration, uses no salt or other chemicals, requires virtually no maintenance (the filter media should be changed after 1 year in food service applications and every 2 years in domestic applications), retains healthy minerals and adds nothing to the drinking or wastewater.

The media we use has been tested by independent laboratories and researchers and has a proven 99.6% rate of effectiveness (the only non-salt technology to do so) and can even help to reverse some of the scale build-up which is already eating away at your existing systems such as heaters and boilers, allowing them to work more efficiently and use less energy meaning it can also help to reduce your electricity bills.


The benefits of using one of our Finerfilters Salt-Free water softener systems are numerous;


  • Feed water needs less contact time than softener resin, so smaller systems can be used, making it perfect for use as a whole house system even if you have limited space and can also be used to protect systems such as instant hot water taps and coffee machines.
  • Can be used in commercial applications by simply adding more media to the housing vessel.
  • Our systems can also be used on water supplies obtained from wells or bore holes however heavy metals such as Iron and manganese and excess sediment should be filtered out before the unit.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Our systems not only prevent limescale formation but over time will gradually work to remove existing scale build-up whereas a traditional softener will only prevent new scale formation. This will in turn reduce energy consumption and improve the efficiency of your water heaters and boilers, essentially lowering energy bills.
    The longer you use the system, the more apparent this becomes meaning your appliances stay functional for longer.
    Lower Energy Consumption
  • Requires no salts, cleaning or use of chemicals or regeneration agents which can be harmful to the environment and increase the running cost.
  • Doesn’t require backwashing of salts, so no additional connection to a drain line or wasteful usage of water.
  • No brine discharge meaning our systems can be used in areas where conventional water softeners are banned or regulated.


  • Installation is a simple one-time process requiring only an inlet and outlet either at the Point-of-Entry (PoE) in a whole house system or Point-of-Use (PoU) to protect specific appliances such as coffee machines.
  • Vastly improved filter lifespan and low maintenance; the media only needs to be replaced after 1 year in food service applications and every 2 years in domestic applications.
  • Life expectancy of the housing system itself is much greater than a traditional softener system as it has no moving parts and is made from high-grade BPA free plastics.


  • Our systems do not remove any of the beneficial minerals that is carried by water, whereas a traditional water softener will.
    Not only that, our systems do not add anything to your water supply whereas a traditional softener system adds harmful levels of sodium, making your water undrinkable.
  • Our salt-free water softeners do not remove chlorine which is added to municipal water supplies, but the media is somewhat chlorine tolerant.
    It is recommended to add a carbon based pre-filter, which we also supply in order to increase the longevity of the media.


  • The internal water filter media used in this system is Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approved, that demonstrates that it complies with the high standards set out by water regulations in the United Kingdom.
  • Meets the National Science Foundation (NSF) 61 approval. This is the American standard for drinking water products which is world renowned and internationally recognised.
  • Tested by independent laboratories and researchers at Arizona State University our media achieved a 99% scale prevention effectiveness rating – the only non-salt technology to do so.

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