Spectrum ECB 10″ Jumbo 1 Micron Carbon Block Water Filter



Spectrum ECB-1-9¾ 10” Jumbo Carbon Block Filter

Engineered using the latest in carbon manufacturing techniques, the SPECTRUM 870 carbon block delivers a genuine balance between chlorine absorption, high dirt-holding and excellent value for money.

The Economic Carbon Block filter cartridges (ECB), thanks to its multiple micron ratings, is an ideal choice for use within a wide range of applications from potable and industrial water, plating solutions and where batch processes are run, and the life of the carbon is never fully used; the economical SPECTRUM 870 carbon is the ideal solution and plating solutions.

Spectrum ECB-1-9¾ 10” Jumbo Carbon Block Filter

Tech spec – Weight 0.9000

Length 9 3/4″

Internal Diameter 28mm

Outer Diameter 107mm

Chlorine Reduction (litres) 24000

Chloramine n/a

Manufacturer Spectrum

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Filter or Media Type

Carbon Filters

Contaminent Removed

Chlorine, Odour and Taste, Sediment, THMs / VOCs

Housing Size

10" Jumbo